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Introducing Noah Paul

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Born: 12-30-2006
Birth Time: 4:39 pm
@ San Angelo Community Medical Center
Weight: 8 lbs 10.6 oz.
Length: 21 in.
Welcome to Noah's web page!

Add your message Note: this page is a mirror from 27 Apr 07. Your message won't be updated on this page so let me know you left a message.
* Such a cute little man. If you flip through the pics quickly he looks like hes rapping! Good work you guys. You made a good looking kid.
* Awww you guys did so good. Noah is so adorable, and his hair! I love it! Great job Mom and Dad. <3
* Congratulations!!! He is a beautiful baby, I'm so happy for both of you. God bless you. I love the pictures, and the web site.
Grammy O.
* We are so happy for you guys. What a handsome boy! We were able to see some proud Mommy and Daddy pics from Brian. Wonderful news.The McCarthy's
The McCarthy's
* He is so handsome! A long distant boyfriend for Bailey?! Good job guys- now it's time for the ***** girl :)
* ps the ***** above was supposed to be your last name. I guess for security reasons, they blocked it out
* What a beautiful baby Michelle!! A blessing for sure! Enjoy motherhood!! Best to you and your family! Love Keri
Keri Trattel
* Michellynobelly, What a cutsey butsey!!Congrats to you and Matt.Love to the three of you. Great Auntie Kim And Cousin Amelia
Kimberly and Amelia
* Congratulations, Michelle and Matt! Best wishes for your beautiful son. (we miss you in Hawaii)
* What a handsome little fella!Have fun changing those dippins,little Mama! Blessings to you all!Love,Katrina,Paul and Cousin Jacob!
* Thanks for sharing all those beautiful pictures of Noah!I loved the videos! (copy&paste the link Gram!)
* Congratulations, what a cutie pie! We wish you guys all the best with your new addition to the family.
Kathy and Monte
* Dear Matt and Michelle, What a beautiful baby! Make sure you take him to the nearest library! Phyllis
phyllis frenzel
* I am so happy, and proud of the both of you. You have an awesome gift, and responsibility. Love always
  Add your message Note: this page is a mirror from 27 Apr 07. Your message won't be updated on this page so let me know you left a message.

family FunFacts

Parent Names: Michelle and Mathew

The hospital put down both parent's birth state as Maryland, not Massachusetts. Since Noah was born over a holiday, the hospital sent out his information to the state capital, Austin, without checking with the parents first. On Noah's birth certificate, the birth state of Noah's parents is Maryland, with an amendment changing them to Massachusetts.

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